SPOLOUS version 1.05 is available now!

I uploaded SPOLOUS version 1.05 (windows).
Modification details are as below.

《Version1.05 Update details》
Sound config was added on pause window.
Display order of player, explosion and enemy bullets were changed.
Bug of game starting with condition of player stocks decreased has fixed.
Bomb stocks of type I9 no more lose when player lose.
Normal fire of type JZ became rapid. And slow burst added at special function.
Shield no more receive damage when stage transition.

《Version1.04 Update details》
Bug fix of all clear achievement.
Bug fix of remain bold laser on screen in stage B6.
Multiple items escape from stage terrain when after lost.
Multiple items will be flown farther to recovery easier when after lost in stage B5.
Score of electromagnetic units set 5000 from 10.
???mode has been made a little easier.
You will get bonus score 50000 per stock fighter after all clear with no continue.
Enemies emerging back screen have been recognition easier.
Bug fix of no action of whole screen attack after lost.
Stage C2 boss became weaker.


210109_SPOLOUS_v105.zip 60 MB
Jan 10, 2021


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