SPOLOUS EX version 1.51 is available now!

SPOLOUS  EX version 1.51 is available now!!

《Version1.51 Update details》
Bubbles of stage C2 became easy to be broken by fighter type L2.
Bosses of stage C2 and D2 became easy to be added damage by fighter type L2.
Recovery items will move inner after going outside screen when fighting boss.
Bug fix of lost sound of fighter type H8 laser, and L2 purple shot.
Bug fix of stopping progress of stage B6, D6.
Bug fix of blue spark teleportation of stage D5 boss when destroy a core.
Bug fix of invincible rocks of stage D5.
Adjustment of game difficulty.


210828_SPOLOUS_v151.zip 68 MB
Aug 28, 2021


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