If  save data problems occur in standalone version 1.50, 1.51 and 1.52,  please try version 1.53 .
バージョン1.50, 1.51, 1.52のスタンドアロン版で

《Features》This is side scroll type shmup.
When you get a capsule item on playing, a gauge displayed lower will turn light.
At this time you hit powerup button, you can powerup.


There are 5 route. If you complete a route, a new difficulty route will be unlocked. 3 crass difficulty are prepared. You can select 4 type fighter at first, you will able to select more fighters by piling up and paying credits.


《How to play》
Game pad, keyboard, mouse are available.
(Game pad is recommendation)
You can customize key or button settings in config menu.

Game pad (XBox controller)
Left stick , D-pad : movement of player and menu cursor
A button : Submit / Fire
B button : Special function/ Cancel
X button : Powerup
Back button : Pause

左スティック : 
十字キー : キャラクターの移動、カーソルの移動など。
Aボタン : 決定 / 攻撃
Bボタン : スペシャル /  キャンセル
Xボタン : パワーアップ 
Backボタン : ポーズ

Left button : Submit, movement of player with firing and menu cursor.
Light button : Cancel, powerup.
Center button : Special function.
When moving by pressing left button, you can hold fire by pressing submit/fire key of keyboard concurrently.

左ボタン: 決定、押しっぱなしでプレイヤー移動。
右ボタン : パワーアップ、キャンセル。
中央ボタン : スペシャル機能。

Arrow keys : Player and cursor movement.
Z : Powerup
X : Submit / Fire
C : Cancel / Special function
Tab : Pause

方向キー : プレイヤー、カーソルの移動
Zキー : パワーアップ 
Xキー : 決定 / 攻撃
Cキー : スペシャル /  キャンセル
Tabキー : ポーズ

《Using resources》
In making this game, I used free resources as below.
Sound effect
ザ・マッチメイカァズ (OSA様)

《Update history》
2021/12/19 1.54 released
2021/9/17 1.53 released
2021/9/12 1.521released
2021/9/10 1.52released
2021/8/28 1.51released
2021/8/21  1.50 released
2021/ 2/19  1.06 released
2021/ 1/10   1.05 released
2020/12/30  1.04 released
2020/12/23  1.03 released

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
Made withBlender, Unity, Aseprite, GIMP
Tags2D, Shoot 'Em Up, stg, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


211219_SPOLOUS_v154.zip 71 MB
210916_SPOLOUS_v153.zip 68 MB
210219_SPOLOUS_v106.zip 61 MB

Install instructions

Extract from downloaded file, and open file named "SPOLOUS.exe".

Development log


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any tips for getting lots of credits quickly?


This game is fun. I really liked is. It has good art and music/sound fx.

I am glad to hear that☺


Fun game! Good job!!

Thank you for playing😊

could you add a way to experience the different characters without having to grind for them?


I'm sorry, but there are no planned improvements other than fixing critical bugs.


alright, thanks for letting me know





Brilliant little game you planning more routes? from say V and  Gaiden love the soundtracks and hit detection and feel is spot on

Thank you for your comment but I am not planning additional route for a while, sorry.


Excellent, game! Thank you for sharing your work.

I am glad to hear it. Thank you.

game won't save progress

i tried fully reinstall the game, but still

Sorry for bug.
I uploaded version 1.521 a moment ago.
Could you try it? The problem may be solved.


Seems ok now.

Thank you for reporting.

Will you update the game on browser to be 1.51? Because right now it's still 1.50 on itch.io.

Please wait for next version,  a bug was detected in version 1.51, sorry.

Hi, since I need to backup my data (as my laptop is being serviced), may I know the location of the save data? I don't really want to start over...

Hello, thank you for playing.

If case of windows standalone, seek location as below.
Windows\user\<your user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Studio Skomb\SPOLOUS\savedata.dat

If case of browser type,
I can't tell specific location sorry.


Ah yes, I forgot to tell you it's a Windows machine, sorry about that. Thank you for your reply, I'll back it up then. I want to unlock the last ship so bad and the grind for I9 ship was... tough 😅 I'm still about to finish Route B and C in normal mode.

Thank you for developing this game and releasing it for free!


wow! so great! where can we donate?

I am not ready to receive donation. But  I am glad enough with just your feelings.😊

(1 edit)

Umm, it just deleted all of my game data for some reason. I had most of the routes unlocked as well as all of the weapon formations. How do I get them back? EDIT: With the EX version out, my progress is saving again. So you can disregard my previous comment.


I have no good idea for about it, sorry.


Did you forget to update your game to the browser? It's currently 1.04 while your windows version is at 1.06


Thank you for reminding me.
But I withholding to update it on purpose, because I realized that player's savedata has lost by update program files when  version 1.03 => 1.04

I am developing version 1.50 added new 2 routes.
I will update also browser files when it is completed.

(1 edit) (+4)

All I can say that it is a very commendable game that pays tribute to Gradius with a few little unique points, such as options being required to upgrade twice for later unlock-able types compared to easy upgradable missiles and main shots for the first three types. Additionally, it's great that each type has a special button to play around with Option formation, which is expanded from Gradius V. While I do wish those games that involve the upgrade gauge can be experimented further, at least this game fills a good niche for those wanting to crave some memories of playing Gradius games.

Not to mention that the three level routes distinguish yet delightly derive from the first three Gradius games in term of theme. Plenty of hard stuff to get people replaying this continuously, and to grind for more points to unlock more types.

The only concern is the amount of points required to spend on the unlocking types that take longer than desired. Maybe shortening the amount of points required could allow more flexibility with various types sooner.


Thank you for playing and posting a comment. I will consider about unlock cost sequentially.






This is a really fun game I got to stage 5 with a score of 375,000 no continues . Awesome game.


I am glad to see your effort. Please enjoy playing continuously.


This game is insanely good. Commercial quality easily 👍

The weak spot of this game is probably the upgrade system. I like the concept of it and it works for 90% of the time, but it can be unprecise in hectic times of the game and it just overall feels a little bit too complex given that you have to handle it while playing, at least for me.

Anyway, I've not beaten route A yet, but I'm on it. Great game.

I noted your opinion. Thank you for playing.


I've been following your game on Twitter for a long while, my username is StGshmups, I'm so glad to see it released!

Thanks for supporting me. I appreciate your continued support!